Educational Outreach/Information

  • Region One Education Service Center serves educators, students and parents across the Valley. They provide professional development, parent and teacher trainings, and run an Early Intervention program that provides in-home therapy and support for children (ages 0-3 years old).

  • RGVDSA provides presentations at local elementary, middle and high schools about Down syndrome.  To schedule a presentation for your grade or class, please email  

Prenatal Diagnosis and New Parents

  • Down Syndrome Pregnancyis another great resource to connect with other parents online.  There is a free e-book available for download as well.

  • Email or call 956-314-0821 to speak with a local family of a child with Down syndrome.

  • Parents First Call: If your newborn has just received a Down syndrome diagnosis, please call (956) 314-0872 (Spanish) or (956) 320-7858 (English).  We have a welcome basket for you!  The basket has information, local and national resources, and some special gifts for you and the baby.